Besides being uncomfortable, extra weight around the abdomen is the most dangerous for our health. Too much fat in any area is not ideal, but its position on our bodies is critical. 

Fat on arms or legs is known as subcutaneous fat – it lies under the skin. Some fat is essential to keep us warm and protect bones from fractures if we fall. Fat on our expanding waistline is known as visceral fat and significantly increases our risk for developing chronic illnesses. This is because it forms around our organs and releases chemicals which make us insensitive to insulin and increase our risk for Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and some cancers.

The good news is that visceral fat is easier to shed than subcutaneous fat! By improving our nutrition and increasing activity we can target belly fat and reduce it.

Sugary and high fat snacks need to be replaced by lean protein and green leafy vegetables. It is interesting that when people make the change to nutritious meals they need to eat less because they are fuelling their bodies correctly and feel fuller for longer. Besides health benefits, this lifestyle is budget-friendly!

Introducing some physical activity into our day, helps shift excess fat from the abdomen and helps us feel energised. Getting enough sleep is important too as studies have found links between sleep deprivation and the tendency to gain weight on the abdomen. When we are tired, we tend to reach for quick-fix food which do not meet our health goals. 

Keeping well hydrated is important to clean your system internally, so be sure to drink plenty of fresh water and clear liquids, including Flat Tummy Tea throughout the day. As inches shrink, your health will increase!

THINK and make the LINK between health or illness.

Disclaimer: This is not medical information but general comments to encourage healthy living.

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