The 28 Day Fat Flush Challenge is a pdf guide that you can download and use at any time supported with video footage you can watch at any time in the comfort of your own home.

Participating in the contest is optional; however, working towards a goal in a group setting can be both Motivating and encouraging.

To participate in the challenge, you would need to do the following:

> Purchase the Fat Flush Combo for R350 (or phase one of the challenge which costs R200)

> Take before pictures

> Take waist, weight and height measurements

> Send us your before pictures together with your age, waist and weight goals

Fat flush guideline


All the pictures and info should be submitted to only

Emails sent to any other email account will not be included in the challenge.

Rules on how to take your photos:

> Selfies in front of the mirror will not be accepted. Your photo has to be taken by someone else

> Photos need to be under good or at least decent lighting with a clean background

> Photos need to be close enough covering only your full body and avoiding unnecessary background space

> Wear fitted or short, shorts

> No regular bras or crop tops will be accepted. Wear a sports bra

> Your photos should clearly show your face



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